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Rent To Own Any Of Our Buildings
Free Delivery

FREE DELIVERY TO JUST ABOUT EVERYWHERE.  TRY US...  Check on your location.  IF WE CAN NOT DELIVER TO YOU FOR FREE, WE WILL BUY YOU A STEAK DINNER.  Call Allen 785-438-2022 for the details...

Welcome to Topeka Sheds & Barns




We are here to help you find a building that will meet your needs.  We have designed this site to show you the different buildings we have available.  If there is a building or a size that you do not see, give us a call, we offer custom buildings.


Having your own Shed or Barn delivered for FREE is simple.


1.  Determine the size of shed or barn you need.

2.  Choose the style that appeals to you.

3.  Decide on the color of siding you would like.

4.  Choose a roof style.  Metal or Shingle same price.

5.  Rent To Own, Cash, Check, or Credit Card.  Your choice.

     (We might even take something unique or useful in on trade)


It is that simple.  Give us a call right now at 785-865-6222. 

We can take care of all the details by way of telephone & email.

We have several sheds and barns on display at our locations.



Take a look around. 


If you have any questions along the way, let us know